Dueling Citizens


My reasoning is below, and I will simply go all in with my original GregsList prediction: Donald Trump will be reelected. 

And by all in, I mean ALL IN. The election is over, according to Democrats and the media, but I will stick with my Trump pick. And I have no problem being wrong. 

I reason my prediction as follows:

1. If not for the pending litigation by Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, I would encourage President Trump to concede after December 14th certification day, and work towards transition. You don’t overturn elections by onesey-twosey lawsuits, but both Parties have until December 14th to dispute anything they want.  

2. The Supreme Court will not entertain any frivolous case. However, should Ms. Powell and Mr. Wood present a case which, for example, identifies millions of disenfranchised votes for the president, it would be the Court’s duty to citizens to consider the case. The numbers I am hearing are 3-million and up. The election would likely be awarded to Trump —  and yes, all hell would break loose!

3.   At this moment, I would wage odds around 85-90% Biden, and 10-15% tops for the president — a long shot by all measures. (I’ve already got a bit of Trump long shot money with a few of my Biden friends).

4. But this is how movies end. This is how heroes become heroes. They are the complete underdog — if not in deep doo doo — and overcome to win in the end. IF the president is reelected against all odds, it falls into the miracle category required for great stories. And I always believe in the underdog.

5. As a side note, I pray this election mess never happens again. I hope both sides agree to fix the system before 2024. I will be writing a piece soon about privatizing elections, a la Federal Express partnership, but that’s for another day. 


Crazy (Fou) Quebec

Where do you begin with Quebec? My American friends can’t believe the language laws, or that there is a government agency to actually enforce the use of French in retail businesses, and the workplace. More on this soon. It’s crazy.

One of my favorite Montreal bylaws that will soon be in play is the banning of traditional wood stoves. According to CBC News, The city says 50,000 homes in Montreal have to get rid of the wood burning appliances by the end of 2020.”

What I love, in addition to the nonsense of government forcing residents to replace (or go without) something as vital as heat, through the balmy northeast winters, is the following quote from CBC, regarding Montreal:

…”though they say they are not sure exactly how they will deal with anyone who does not comply.”

Perfect. I can see it now. The door-to-door Woodstove Enforcement division of the government!

If it weren’t so oppressive, it would be funny.