12 things about this e-Magazine you can take to the bank:

1. Any facts and secrets presented are actually corroborated.

2. Any errors are cheerfully admitted and corrected – but there hasn’t been one yet! I leave my ego at the door, and I expect readers to as well. My Bad is a refreshing thing to hear in this finger-pointing world.

3. Humour (humour) will be injected as much as possible. Life is too short. The world is too serious.

4. There is hopefully a topic for everyone.

5. All readers have an opportunity to opine.

6. There will be predictions and guarantees in 2020 you can take to the bank. Some will be jaw-droppers.

7. Stupid people will be banned.

8. Readers are encouraged to bring solutions, not just complaints or political beefs.

9. Contributors, ideas, videos and photos, are welcome. I love baby otters.

10. Secrets from the Inside is an online e-magazine, with new articles every month.

11. Although there will sometimes be real-time events and interviews, 24/7 contact or interaction is not guaranteed. The publisher is married, end of story.

12. There will be no pop-ups or annoying advertisements on this site. I do not like going to a story I am anxious to read, and then having to close fourteen ads and stupid pop-ups before I can even get to the story.


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