“Take it from me; hockey is the greatest game on earth. To all of you in Kitsap County, learn to play hockey today at Bremerton Ice Arena. You won ‘I regret it “.
Wayne Gretzky
February 2004

“It’s an awesome project!”

Apolo Anton Ohno
May 2003 – Bremerton Patriot interview

“Wow … If their website is any indication of what the actual facility is like, then we have no doubt that the Bremerton Ice Arena is going to be the top skating facility in the state of Washington”

Rink Magazine
July 2003 – “On the Web” Review

“When Greg Meakin, an avid ice skater, decided to bring the joy of ice skating to the town of Bremerton, Wash., he knew building the 40, OOO-square-foot arena would depend on plenty of community support”

Time Magazine
August 2003 – Toyota Tribute to Meakin/Haselwoods

“Founding the Tampa Bay Lightning was the greatest thing I ever did in hockey. Like you – you built an ice arena for your community and you probably could have done a million other things to make more money.
But you did it because you had to do it –
it was your mission. “

Phil Esposito
February 2004

“Thanks for the vision and courage to build the Tomahawk’s home”.

Kim McConnell, Head Coach, PS Tomahawks
March 2004

“The Florida Panther organization is always proud to support the growth of our great game. We especially commend your desire to ensure that all children, including the less fortunate, have access to hockey programs.
Thank you for your dedication to this project. ”
Bill Torrey, former President, Florida Panthers
November 2001

If he builds it, will they come? “His dream of building an ice rink that can build memories for others is close to becoming a reality”.
Annette Griffus, Bremerton Sun reporter
January 21, 2001 =first news story

“I will always appreciate your leadership in providing this great facility for our kids.”

Mayor Cary Bozeman
October 2003

“We would like to extend our support and congratulations on your efforts
to bring an ice arena and hockey to Kitsap County. “

Seattle Junior Hockey Association
February 2001

“In two years, Meakin managed to do more than most people do in a lifetime. “

Celeste Cornish, Bremerton Patriot Editor
November 2003 editorial

“Not only will it create new jobs, put it will provide a recreational facility
for our youth and their families. Thank you for being so ‘
dedicated to this project and the need”
Senator Bob Oke, State of Washington
February 2001