A few Millennials are actually not stupid

Don’t get me started with Millennials. Anyone who has followed my writing knows I have real issues with our young people today. Although I will spend quality time in future articles dissing Millennials, I prefer to focus on the little tiny percentage of them who are squared-away human beings — polite, respectful, smart, and with a bright future.

Much of the focus in this eMagazine where young people are concerned, is to educate them, and yes, encourage them. On manners. On politics. On urban myths like man-made global warming, and utopian socialism being the answer.

And most of all, on getting off the dang phone!

Stay tuned to this section. I will even invite some actual Millennials to participate in this eMagazine.

…But I’m still waiting for a few of them to return my phone calls!

Why this section is not scary, or triggering

Millennials will follow the lessons of today’s educators, which to me, is not “old time public schooling” (as Boomers and Seniors experienced) but rather, a social-engineering indoctrination into a Politically Correct mind set, and wholesale belief system for today’s progressive “modern world”.

Although there might be moments of grown-up discussion in this section, young people can rest assured nobody will try to scare them, trigger them, commit micro-agressions against them — and the laundry list of awful things that many Millennials lose sleep over.

Stay tuned to this section. It will be fun.