by Anne Marie Gitto Laurin

It is with a heavy heart that we learned of the passing of our friend and colleague, Nancy Meakin, on Saturday, October 14th. Nancy was on her way to have lunch with a friend when she experienced difficulty breathing. Her friend rushed her to hospital, but sadly there was nothing to be done.

I console myself with the thought that Nancy died happy. She was decked out in her usual fashion, it was a beautiful sunny autumn day and life was beautiful. And she did not suffer a long and crippling illness.

Last we saw Nancy as a group was at Homecoming. She looked wonderful and was happy to mingle with long-time friends. While Nancy and I were driving to Homecoming and back, she told me that she was very happy where she was living and that her special pleasure was going out for lunches and calling Georgie Crawford every morning to chat with her. Georgie and

Nancy worked for many years together at PSBGM as Elementary School Consultants.

Nancy, Georgie and their good friend, Marilyn Golan celebrated their birthdays together. Nancy shared some memories of the good times they had together and what a pleasure it was to go to work each day.

Nancy served as Gamma Province President from 1977-79. She attended several international conferences as well as serving on numerous committees. Most recently Nancy served as corresponding secretary and was quick to send out a kind word of best wishes for speedy recovery, sympathy for lost loved ones or congratulations on a job well done. Her recent bout with pneumonia last winter forced her resign from that duty.

Carol Morrison writes: I remember Nancy with fond memories when I started my teaching career in the inner city. She was one of a team of consultants who visited my classroom with a tremendous desire to mentor and support a novice teacher. She was always smiling, friendly and non-threatening to a new teacher finding her way in a difficult and challenging school culture.

I must admit, I was always struck by her “perfect hairdos” and stylish clothing. I used to wonder how she looked so chic in such a busy job. I also know that she was much loved by her students. I hear Andrew Carter on CJAD’s morning show talking about his favourite teacher in elementary school. He never misses an opportunity to mention her name when it is Teacher Appreciation Week. This proves that teachers have a tremendous impact on the lives of their students.

Nancy, I am grateful to have had the honour of working with you during my professional life. You were part of a wonderful team of consultants that worked tirelessly to support all teachers in developing new curriculum. Thank you for your dedication to the PSBGM ‘s Pedagogical Services Department. Your commitment to supporting the teaching staff enriched the quality of instruction for so many students.

Mildred Burns remembers: Years ago I had pneumonia and was in the royal Vic for 10 days. Everyone there was good to me, and I wanted to send the staff a ‘thank you’. I thought I’d send a cake, but didn’t know who might make and deliver one. It was Nancy who gave me the name of a small place that did just that kind of thing. I was told by Georgie that if anyone knew such

a service, it would be Nancy–and it was.

She was a good friend to all of us.

Barb Angus writes: Jim and I would bump into Nancy often at the Dorval Shopping Centre. She was always beautifully groomed and dressed – looked like a million bucks. She loved to chat with us.

Beryl Ball writes: How very sad about Nancy. She has been a part of DKG as long as I can remember. She taught my niece and nephews and always asked about them. Rest gently, Nancy.

Nancy’s son, Greg wrote me to say he and his brother, Bob, are making funeral arrangements which will be announced shortly.


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