FedEx Could Deliver the Next Election

Federal Express could deliver the next US election and beyond. I’ll share that secret in a minute.

No matter what transpires in the 2020 election circus come January 20th, one thing is clear: Our election counting process is stupid. As a Facebook meme articulated, American Idol could count 150 million votes during a commercial break. At this writing, there are counties in the US that are still counting November 3rd votes for the first time! Seriously?

American elections are weird. I have followed them closely for decades, and it seems every day I learn something new about this Electoral College thingy, and how differently each state counts and determines winners. It starts in Dixville Notch in New Hampshire, where five people start the US election with their votes, and they write them on a blackboard. It’s quaint.

The quaintness can stay, but the voter registration and counting process needs to change if we are to avoid election insanity in the future. As the cliche goes, our democracy seems to be at risk every four years. Starting with Gore v. Bush in 2000, and now Trump v. World, immediate, wholesale change is needed in US elections. It’s simple: Right now, we have no idea how to register and count votes.

It’s stunning, actually. To this minute, nobody knows the exact vote count from the 2020 election. No idea. Can you imagine a private corporation that has no idea its actual revenues for months on end?

Any smart company or sports team knows that sometimes you must start from scratch and rebuild completely, not simply patch holes. It is now time to scrap the US Election vote counting system and process completely — from the ground up.

When pondering this in my Libertarian/Originalist mind, my first thought was the need to preserve both the Electoral College, and the uniqueness of state and county elections around the country.


Blueprint for election reform

1. Form a working partnership with Federal Express

For this model, I’m using FedEx simply because they are the best at what they do. Arguments could be made for competing bids, but either way a private company of impeccable reputation should be contracted by the US Government to deliver elections.

2. FedEx maintains a real-time voter registration database, including Absentee ballots
This list can be secure and intact days or weeks prior to the election. The list can be categorized by state, reflect a detailed, time-stamped registration, and track Electoral progress real-time on Election Day. Remember, a company like FedEx does this every day, and tracks stuff to the millisecond. They could provide firewall security of the list, the count, and demographic details about the voter roles that would put today’s dinosaur system to shame.

3. FedEx locations are already in place
In order to preserve the in-person, Election Day voting ritual, a voter may simply show up at any FedEx location (and certainly traditional local destinations could stay in play), present valid ID to match the registration database…and vote. You receive an instant confirmation and tracking number for your vote. Simple.

4. Home delivery and pickup of votes
This is a game changer. Picture this. An elderly person cannot, or chooses not to vote in person. FedEx home delivers the ballot, and arranges a pick-up time. All date-stamped and tracked. This is what Federal Express does every day, and they do it really, really well. 

5. All Votes are tabulated on Election Night, and all winners are declared
This is easier than it might sound. FedEx could click one button and determine the results. It is time to bring back Deadlines into our lives, and this is a great place to start. In this model, all votes must be in by say, 8:00pm Election Night. Every one. No others will be counted. Registered Absentee voters may submit their ballot ONLINE, via a secure process. Many states already do this. There is no voter who would be unable to register to vote with this online ballot capability, as well as the multiple convenience options offered by FedEx.

6. Freeze all Federal Election Spending
Libertarians and fiscal conservatives will love this. Freeze ALL federal funds, and eliminate virtually all election-dedicated positions immediately. If needed in the future, these employees could be re-hired. You now have a big bucket of election monies that could remunerate the private contractor. I betcha the taxpayer monies devoted to elections would plunge. The entire budget of the election could be pre-planned and reduced drastically from previous years.

7. Cheaters could not win

Most Americans no longer believe in the integrity of our elections, and for good reason. This FedEx model would ensure cheaters can’t win. FedEx is too smart, and our elections leaders will work in concert with FedEx, in pursuit of election security and voter confidence. Lawsuits could be managed and assumed by the government. Indemnity of liability could be arranged to protect FedEx from unwarranted legal battles, and the crazy delays and costs involved. The federal government could assume all time and legal expenses, and settle or dismiss accordingly.

8. Declare a National Election Day Holiday for all citizens
There should be no more excuses, or confusion related to election day. If everyone is off work, and everyone can register to vote online or in person, there should be no disenfranchisement of voters. Only cheaters and ineligible voters would lose out. 

Copyright © 2020 by Greg Meakin

Could Trump Pack the Supreme Court?

Election 2020
9 Supreme Court Justices or 13?

The Elephant in the Room question for candidate Biden is whether he will move to “pack” the Supreme Court if elected, assuming he has a new Democrat Senate. The former VP will not answer. The question is not only appropriate, it is owed to American voters (on both sides) prior to such an existential fork-in-the-road for the United States.

ETA of said fork? November 3, 2020.

Whether the strategy of deflection and deferral works for Biden remains to be seen. At this moment, four more seats could be added in addition to the existing nine; a number that has existed since 1889 under Ulysees S. Grant. In the 1930s, FDR attempted to add six more seats, targeting fifteen Justices, but that attempt was shot down mightily by Republicans.

Today’s America is a vicious political arena. The past four years have revealed silent, unconstitutional coup attempts by Democrat leadership. When the dust settles post-election and post Durham, I believe the record will reveal Democrats are responsible for illegal surveillance of US citizens, political frame-ups, actual foreign collusion, money-laundering, a likely connection to human trafficking, and other illegal, if not treasonous constitutional breaches.

If I were a Democrat, I would be really worried. But only time will tell.

If Donald Trump is reelected, and retains his McConnell Senate (which is very likely), he would have the constitutional green light to also “pack the court.” Obviously, conservative Justices would be appointed, in the mold of Barrett, Kavanaugh, and Gorsuch.

Want to watch Democrat heads spin? Want to watch them gawk, realizing it has been a Biden strategy from the outset? In the President’s mind, such an aggressive and contrarian move could be easily rationalized.

Republican Talking Points could spin the move as pure patriotism:

“Adding four constitutional Supreme Court Justices guarantees future generations protection from those who wish to alter the blueprint of freedom, including the Bill of Rights. Citizens would also be protected against those who might attempt to legislate from the bench, or deviate from the original intent of the Founding Fathers.”

As a constitutionalist, I for one would not endorse any additions, or packing of the court by any party, for political reasons or any other justifications. Nine is plenty, and nine has worked well us for more than a century.

But the hockey antagonist in me would love to see the president float a notion of adding judges after he’s elected!

Float it out there, and turn on your TV! Just watch Democrats, and a horrified mainstream media, go crazy — and try to shoot their own idea down in flames!

Either way, Democrat leadership would be forced to publicly renounce packing, or corner themselves into retaining the traditional nine. If Trump was brazen enough to float the idea by Republicans, candidate Biden would have to fess up to his campaign coyness here.

To pack or not to pack? Biden would not be able to chicken out answering, as he has to this point.

Copyright (C) 2020 by Greg Meakin

10 Reasons You Ain’t No Donald Trump

As a 1970s Trudeau Liberal in Montreal, and now a voting Republican in the States, I enjoy sharing my point of view. I’m not concerned how these views are received from any side of the aisle, or any school of ideology for that matter. 

I was astonished with the results of the 2016 election. Actually, scratch that. I was astonished that the GregsList I wrote in July 2015 (Donald Trump would be elected President) was coming to be. I watched it unfold on Election Night, my jaw dropping early and often. To me, It was akin to a moon landing — it was that surreal. My Democrat buddies freaked of course, and did not accept the election results, to this day.

History will record the fallout from the election of Donald Trump as an unprecedented game changer, and not the way many of today’s experts would surely predict. In my life, including the turbulent 1960s Quebec, the LA Riots and Rodney King race wars, and other societal tragedies, never have I seen such a chasm of division, and rabid uncontrolled rage, as I have watched unfold since the election. The anger coming from the left, and yes, the mainstream media, is something I have never witnessed. I’ll leave it at that for now.

As most of my readers know, I’ve been following Donald Trump’s career since the early 80s. I was not a Trump fan by any means, I didn’t like his confrontational style and braggadocio, but I was fascinated by his quantifiable career success, his outlandish controversies, and his daily approach to American business.  

Thanks to our founding fathers, and those who have protected our freedoms through the years, virtually anyone is permitted to criticize the president. And, thanks to social media, critics have a public platform. Whether you have multiple college degrees, or live in your mother’s basement, you can speak freely, and criticize endlessly. 

What’s amazing is you don’t even need skin-in-the-game to be a critic. I have noticed a huge number of critics of the president don’t vote, aren’t allowed to vote, or don’t live in the US. They just talk. They are just critics.

For you true Trump Haters who virtue signal your superiority to him, or personal disdain for him, I put together a quick GregsList of why…you ain’t no Donald Trump. 

1. He works twenty hours a day
If you work less than 20 hours a day, or don’t work at all, you ain’t no Donald Trump.

2. He has donated 100% of his salary
I love hearing people say he can afford it. Many politicians are independently wealthy, so why don’t they donate their salary too? If you don’t donate your entire paycheck, or a portion of your paycheck to your government…you ain’t no Donald Trump.

3. He is abstinent, as is his family
If you have ever had a drink, or ever had a cigarette…you ain’t no Donald Trump.
(I’m still amazed with his abstinence and discipline).

4. He is a billionaire
So what if it’s 3 Bil, 5 Bil, whatever. If you’re not a billionaire…you ain’t no Donald Trump. 

5. He became President of the United States
And you didn’t.

6. He has the gift of Daily Reset and Compartmentalizing
This is rare. No matter what has happened the day before, he wakes up, resets, and tackles the day fresh. If you don’t do this…you ain’t no Donald Trump.

7. He’s a really smart businessman
If you actually debate this, you are delusional…and you ain’t no Donald Trump.

8. His brand is the most well-known in the world today

If your name is not a household word…you ain’t no Donald Trump.

9. He has a genuine and affable side
Ask anyone who has actually met him, like the queen. 

10. He fights back and never quits
In this category, believe me…you ain’t no Donald Trump!
(Any other human being would have folded like a cheap suit rather than fight off the daily attacks coming from the left).



(another GregsList Guarantee)

In July 2015 I published my first GregsList, guaranteeing a Trump White House. There were still 17 Republicans flopping around in the race, and Hillary Clinton was coasting to the Democratic nomination. If I remember, HIllary was running against a couple of broken hockey sticks.

I took more heat than a raging tire fire for that GregsList. “Donald Trump cannot win, Stupid!”, said the smart people. Oddly, I heard crickets when he was actually elected, and many Unfriended me on Facebook!

Donald Trump will win the 2020 election. And though I would love to air the laundry list of why Joe Biden sucks as a candidate, this is not the place. (I have been anxious to introduce the name “Joey Fingers” in a satire essay, but maybe another time).

NOTE FROM GREG: The recent U.S. Post Office controversy will likely be a delaying tactic/excuse for election day results. Don’t be surprised if there is no declared winner for days, and possibly weeks. Rest assured whatever “bad” happens on election day with mass mail-in ballots, Democrats will blame the president. They already have blamed him, and the election hasn’t even happened!

GregsList Election 2020

1.  Defund the police is the most stupidest idea ever
Seriously? Reduce or remove police from our streets? Near the top of the Democrat platform? As mentioned above, America is all about law and order, and defunding the police ignites violence and crime. Who in the world is stupid enough to believe less police will not produce skyrocketing crime, especially in our big cities. Tragically and sadly, our collective hearts break watching the senseless death and beatings occur on a daily basis.
2.  Incumbents win
In the country’s history, only ten sitting presidents failed to be reelected. Incumbents win in US presidential politics, with few exceptions. In years gone by, I was surprised with the reelection of incumbents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Cilnton — especially with the level of controversy during their respective first terms. Incumbents win. Trump will win.

3.  Covid was a Mulligan for Trump
The president will not lose the election due to Covid, as tragic as this health crisis has been. He gets a Mulligan from me, due to the endless unknowns. He took fury from the left for his handling of the pandemic, and might lose some votes as a result, but it won’t determine the 2020 election. As with all the other goofy stuff of which they blamed the president — Russia collusion, Ukraine nonsense, Impeachment scam, Covid hype, Bounties — not one was valid. And coincidentally, all the phony flames were lit and furiously fanned by the Democrats and the media. Most Americans will see right through it. When it comes to Covid, Trump holds all the cards, especially when it comes to the early going. When he banned China flights January 31st, he was a laughing stock on the left, and labeled an immigrant-hater by Chuck Shumer and company. For all of our leaders around the country — from mayors, to governors, and yes, even presidents — I officially grant them a tragic Mulligan, to use the golf analogy. Nobody, repeat nobody, knew the future of this virus in the early going, and to this day, really. Say what you will about science, all Covid predictions have been guesses — and mostly inaccurate guesses for that matter. The next time a pandemic parachutes upon us again, is when the scoring will not include any Mulligans. Hopefully, we will all know more next time. 

4.  The polls were wrong. Again.
I predict the Democrat nominee will be leading most polls on election day, or close. I remember the final polling last time had Hillary Clinton enjoying a 90%-plus chance of winning, right up to election night. The “experts” will be dead wrong again. The president’s victory in 2020 will actually be stronger than his previous win — more electoral votes, and yes, he will also win the coveted Popular Vote. The main reason he will win the Popular, is he will actually try this time. Campaigning, he hammered swing states in 2016, and swamped Hillary in those crucial states. This time, he will relentlessly pound New York, California, and Florida. He will take it as a personal challenge, because the Popular Vote is the only thing he hasn’t won yet. The guy became President of the United States, for goodness sake. Not much more you can accomplish as an American.   

5.  The Deplorables finally get their mic drop
I am still surprised with collective disdain coming from the left, towards anyone who was stupid enough to vote for Donald Trump. Much like the smearing and negative branding wrought upon the Tea Party not long ago, Trump supporters have been dismissed as an irredeemable basket of deplorables. A motley crew of uninformed losers. The only problem here is the Deplorables were listening, and they are anxious to vote in November. No Republican nominee in history has enjoyed the loyalty and support from his base as Donald Trump. Even as mainstream news outlets have giddily theorized his base has been steadily eroding during his term, election day will once again prove them wrong. Trump will retain 95% of his core support, if not more. He will add record numbers of women and minority voters to his base moving forward. Go ahead, laugh.   

6.  Law and order wins the day
America is a law and order country, regardless of how criminality and lawlessness are cheered on by the media, and those crazy left wing protest groups. I believe mainstream voters have closely watched the endless looting, violence, statue toppling, cop hating, flag kneeling, and other PC insanity, and they are pissed. Really pissed. For many undecideds, this will be a single-issue vote for Trump in November.

7.  BLEXIT worked
Many have never heard of Blexit. The moniker describes Black Exit of the Democratic Party, and was founded by black conservatives Candice Owens and Brandon Tatum. Hillary Clinton won 88% of black vote in 2016, and Barack Obama 93%. The 2020 Democrat candidate will easily win the majority of black voters again, however the surprise du jour will be Trump winning a record number of 20% or more. Republicans have hovered around 8 or 9 percent for decades, with Gerald Ford hitting the high mark of 15% in his 1976 loss to Jimmy Carter. Until 2020, that is. Left wing pundits will fall off their proverbial chairs when Trump wins 20% or more of the black vote. Write it down.  

8.  Feminists have become misogynist
I continue to be flabbergasted with those in the feminist movement who are so darned mysogynist — hating conservative women, of course. Hard core feminists will explain that this is completely understandable — political positions quietly dictate whether a woman is actually accepted by a fellow woman. Consider Mrs. Trump. If the First Lady were a Democrat, she would be fawned over for her lifetime accomplishments, and would appear on every magazine cover in the world. The First Lady does not even deserve a place at the feminist table, according to Democrat voting feminists. This due to her chosen husband, and her conservative political beliefs. Thus, misogyny is alive and well in the US. The big surprise will be the record number of women voters for Trump in 2020. There is a huge voting block of insulted conservative women who realize they are blackballed by the mainstream media, politicians, and yes, feminists.

9.  Cops, military, first responders save the day
As I have written so many times, I love our cops, military, and first responders, and am friends with a bunch of them. Because they actually toil in the muck and blood daily, I value their personal opinions about presidential leadership. Polls are all over the place, but safe to say, two thirds or more of this group will vote for President Trump, and that’s good enough for me. When the numbers are tallied in November, I believe Trump will receive a record number of votes from the military/law enforcement demographic. And once again, this is good enough for me.

10.  2020 Democrats ran a loser campaign
“Hate Trump” is not an electable message. Playing not to lose never wins. The negativity, whining, and blatant obstruction during the past four years has not helped the image of the Democrat Party, and clearly galvanized the president’s base of support. The Democrats did not produce an electable candidate, or an electable message. In politics, sometimes negative messaging or opponent dissing actually works, but not often. Candidates, especially for president, are most successful when they promote a positive message to prospective voters. Think Reagan’s Patriotism, Bill Clinton’s New Democrat brand, Obama’s Hope and Change, Trump’s Make America Great Again tagline. Voters respond to positive, upbeat leaders, and a positive, doable Platform. 2020 will unveil the Democrats to be the out-of-touch Trump Haters they are. Republicans have been losers too. They suffered through unelectable, boring candidates with Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney for goodness sake. The Democrats will have a hard time even in 2024 if they are unable to sell a doable Platform, and bring an electable, energetic candidate to the podium.  
Copyright 2020 by Greg Meakin

Greg Meakin is Seattle author and businessman who was raised in Montreal. He has been writing for over forty years. His first newspaper assignment was in 1978, covering Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau. He now publishes an eMagazine, and he has a new book coming out before the election. Visit his personal site

Munchausen Syndrome and 2020 Democrats

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is Alive and Well with 2020 Democrats.

A mother who smothers her baby, and revives it at the last minute, likely suffers from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. It is a heartbreaking mental illness where the perpetrator desperately seeks attention, or has a psychotic need to be viewed as a hero or savior. They invent or create illness, or actually impose life threatening actions against an innocent victim (often infants and the elderly) in order to glorify themselves. Victims often die. Sadly, this mental illness is usually found among trusted caregivers and mothers.

There is much about the subject on the internet, including a new acronym, FDIA (Facticious Disorder Imposed by Another). I use it here simply as an edgy example of the endless hysteria I have heard coming from Democrat leadership in the past four years.

The key to Munchausen by proxy is that the tragedy, or related hysteria, is manufactured. We’ve heard ad nauseam about the “Trump Tragedies”: the Russia Collusion frame-up, Ukraine Impeachment nonsense, Covid-19 mass panic, police hunting innocent black men, and the rest. These crises have one common theme; the firestorm and national panic were all sparked by Democrats — and wildly fueled by their accomplices in the mainstream media. To this day, I have a friend who believes Donald Trump is a Russian Agent. To this day, I have friends who believe eliminating the police will result in less crime.

You see? According to the left, all these tragedies can be solved instantly by ridding the White House of the bad Orange Man. And the only ones who can save the day are the Pelosi-Shumer Democrats. All we need is a Democrat president and we will all be saved. How about, uh, Joe Biden. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Munchausen is my only explanation for the apparent willingness to allow our country to culturally implode, and our cities to literally burn. I am dumbfounded watching Democrat mayors ordering stand-down orders to police and allowing violence, rioting and looting against the city and its law abiding citizens. I will never understand it.

To those who truly believe all will be cured by a Democrat, I honestly worry about your mental health should Donald J. Trump be reelected. I really do.

And most concerning to me? Should the president be reelected, should we expect four more years of “smothering the baby”?


Rationing Police Assistance

Rationing Fire Calls

Rationing EMS Services

This is where we have come as a nation, officially starting with the ignorant Defund the Police movement. Rationing (familiar to the WWII generation, and those living in socialist countries) has arrived to the shores of America, and threatens to become a permanent resident if we don’t watch out.

I speculate that more 911 calls will go unserved, unfunded, or ignored in 2020 than any year prior to the life-saving service being introduced. Many witnessed the stupid CHAZ/CHOP experiment unraveling during its month of peace and joy in Seattle. Citizens were beaten and shot when they were unable to receive police protection. Citizens died because they did not receive any medical help by EMS. Buildings burned because fire services had no access.

This is socialism. This is rationing. Whenever citizens are denied reasonable access to essential services or commodities, it’s rationing. If a mayor or governor denies citizens these services due to a stand-down order, or reducing the available people to deliver the services, they are imposing rationing.

Let not this become the norm in the United States. We are not Venezuela. We are free. We don’t ration. And thankfully, we have the talent pool and funding in this country where we don’t have to.

And this is where leaders need to step up — for the people.

CHAZ: Seattle Grants Liberals Their Utopian Wish

I am thrilled for my deeply liberal friends who believe America sucks the way it is, and needs to be modernized. This week, they now have a prototype, a new country in downtown Seattle named CHAZ (Capital Hill Autonomous Zone). My liberal buddies finally have a chance to do it their way — the framework for a happy, utopian society, void of police, old fashioned laws, and privileged white oppression.

Since the 1960s hippie movement, idealists of the time lectured about the need to modernize our world, and our thinking. Noble causes such as racial integration, equality for women, environmental stewardship and others, were the order of the day — and in most cases, thankfully so.

Having grown up in uber-liberal, mega-taxed Montreal during those years, I can now see I was a disenfranchised guy. I moved to Seattle in 1983 with a conscious commitment to leave Quebec and pursue the American Dream under Ronald Reagan. From a purely personal standpoint, it felt right.

Back then, my new American friends were surprised to hear I was actually fleeing Canadian government oppression, and Quebec’s rampant racism. Being an english speaker, collectively labeled Anglophone, I grew up in a minority population. At the time, Quebec’s english population hovered around 12%, roughly the minority status of blacks in America.

And indeed, the rationale by militant french separatists (those demanding Quebec separate and become independent of Canada) was the english deserved any “racist” wrath they received, and deserved to be collectively punished by the french majority, in the name of retribution for past improprieties. Much like Black Lives Matter in the states which references slavery, the french independence movement blamed a colonial, imperially english Canada as a darned good reason for their current woes of feeling repressed and marginalized.

And sadly, for most westernized countries today, much of the radical, divisive posture and rhetoric born in the 60s has spilled over to a new, historically clueless generation of loud protesters who feel oppressed and marginalized at every turn by their “unfair” societal structure.

Enter Seattle 2020.

The new prototype country, CHAZ, is a fresh start for passionate, ideological liberals; a golden opportunity for peaceful and progressive ideas to shine to the world within these six (privately owned!) blocks of downtown. Understandably, the new country is surrounded by barrier walls, armed guards, and an ID check before entering. CHAZ is endorsed by the state governor, Seattle mayor and city council. The mayor speculated the experiment to be a “summer of love” no less.

I’m thinking, Haight Ashbury with a modern day, fully armed touch.

The new country is still young; only a week old. There has already been a bit of Lord of the Flies infighting, a temporary food shortage (due to homeless people stealing the country’s food supply), a smidgen of extortion, and other societal challenges. But the CHAZ experiment continues to grow daily, and only the future will reveal if it thrives, disappears, or something in between.

I honestly don’t know if there will be an actual war in Seattle in the coming weeks, but the battle lines have certainly been drawn. It’s been a divided and brutal war of words and ideas, so far. Let’s see how things turn out.

Ok, fasten our seatbelts, and get the popcorn ready.

18 Reasons Michelle Obama Will be the VP Candidate

Michelle Obama 2013 official portrait
Michelle Obama
Image courtesy of Wikipedia
  1. BOGO big-time with Barack
    As Hillary declared when she ran in 2016, the voter would get two for one, with Bill Clinton by her side. Forget Walmart, an Obama Part Deux on the 2020 ticket will be the biggest Buy-One-Get-One free sale of the century!
  2. Mrs. Obama would “reluctantly” accept
    Forget what you’ve heard blabbered on Twitter, the former first lady will accept the proposal to run for Vice President this November, despite being a reluctant bride. Regardless of reasons to decline — including experiencing the battlefield horror of Washington DC first-hand — Michelle Obama is a class act, and a patriotic American. If asked by Biden (and especially if it is the only way to show Donald Trump the door) she would accept the VP nomination as her civic duty. Duty to country is still a powerful motivator, despite the myriad reasons to decline; whether family privacy, endless attacks, or other concerns. My grandfather was reluctant to fight Hitler for five years in Europe, but he did it anyway.
  3. She would be the first black (and female) Vice President
    Whoever becomes the first black VP in the future will make history, and Michelle Obama could be the one. In addition to being black, being a woman is an added bonus to the wheel of fortune of Democrat politics —  a double whammy right to Pennsylvania Avenue.
  4. She could easily be the first woman President
    I believe the Presidential Glass Ceiling will finally break in 2024. Could be Michelle Obama, Nikki Haley, Amy Klobuchar, Ivanka Trump, who knows. Couple this with said 2024 president appointing a woman vice president (or a black male for that matter) and you would have serious history brewing here!
  5. The Race Card wins Democratic votes
    Despite the raw historical truth that Democrats held slaves and Republicans freed them, in recent decades the Democrat Party has won the branding game of Protector of Blacks. They win roughly 90% of black voters, but my prediction is Donald Trump will win more than 20% this time around. The math gives the nod to a second term for the Orange Man — but when MIchelle Obama runs alongside Joe Biden, all bets would be off.
  6. The drooling media covets Michelle Obama, and will passionately promote her
    Forget a coup d’etat. This would be a giant Cooo d’Etat. The mainstream media’s cooing will be endless. The collective wagon circling will be a tornado of partisanship. But that also means free advertising courtesy of the cheerleading press. Trump had the last laugh in 2016, when he capitalized on a billion dollars worth of free “advertising” through the often unwitting mics of the media, and the pens of the scribes. As I wrote in 2015, you just gotta cover the guy. He’s nuts! He then executes his business plan by pounding home his high octane brand, and the punchy media-message du jour, into said mics. Trump is winning winning winning the media attention race, and has been since the 1980s, really. Until another Obama runs for office, perhaps?
  7. A President Biden might die or resign mid-term
    I personally like Joe Biden, and I hear he’s a nice guy. Problem is he is an ancient relic at 77, and the stress and physical toll of being president is well documented. Relic is not an unfair label, either. He has already declared himself a one term president due to age. This bodes double-well for his VP, who would receive the Biden baton in 2024. And ironically, as a possible incumbent.
  8. She will spark passion, sans Bernie in the race
    I haven’t seen anything as fractured as the Democratic Primary since watching Evel Knievel in the 1970s. At this writing, the Dems have a real can of worms with the Anti-Everything Socialist Bernie. Love him, hate him, or anything in between, this guy is a hot potato. Sanders has a secret weapon that has marched him this far in his political career: Passion. He wears his deep and vocal passion for his mission on his sleeve, which transfers kinetically to his rabid supporters. Michelle Obama will bring a renewed passion to the 2020 Democrat ticket — especially if Sanders bows out gracefully soon, or he’s able to be quietly bought-off again.
  9. Trump can be beaten in November
    Nothing in life is a sure thing. Just ask Hillary, or Jeb Bush donors in 2016. I believe the Democrats could actually win back the White House in November. I don’t for a minute think they will, but they can, and I believe Michelle Obama on the ticket would be the difference. As cliche as it might sound, the challenge is creating party unity. To have any shot at victory in November, all Democrats must team up immediately behind the presumptive nominee, Joe Biden. This is often the brutal rub with any party’s unity — too little, too late. If Senator Sanders would voluntarily withdraw from the race immediately, and passionately endorse Joe Biden, the national election might actually sway away from Trump by sheer numbers. This feat would be impossible if Sanders, Warren, and other democrat socialists stick to their ideological guns and continue to scrap with Biden. Any early Sanders partnership would likely require key tweaks to the national platform in order to appease him, and his base. I will address those tweaks needed in another GregsList. But couple a newly energized Democrat Party, with the worldwide media jumping on the bandwagon, and you would have a very stout ticket indeed.
  10. She will bring women and blacks back to Democrat Party in droves
    This is Yuge. Whoever sits atop the Democrat Presidential Ticket in 2020, Donald Trump will win historical vote totals from women and minorities. My prediction is 20%-plus of the black vote alone will vote Republican, which itself might reelect him. The only shot at dipping into Trump’s record numbers would be a drastic punch to the face. In this case, having Michelle Obama on the team, and the national synergy it would create.
  11. She balances out the elephant in the room
    It’s flat undeniable, even to loyal Joe Biden supporters. He’s old, absent minded, gaff prone to no end, and has been touchy-feely in yes, a creepy way. Republicans already have endless, cringeworthy material for Trump reelection TV commercials, no matter the VP choice by the Democrats. But Michelle Obama, with her husband on her arm, could very well offset much of the dissing coming Joe’s way. Would it be enough to teeter the totter come election day, who knows, but it would be the only way.
  12. She has been vetted
    No matter the decade-plus trashing from the right and from social media trolls, Mrs. Obama has been vetted, to the degree that no fatal political skeletons have been uncovered. Unlike Hillary Clinton, she has not committed criminal or treasonous acts against her country. Whether or not she could survive a thumping Round Two of vetting and attacks from the right remains to be seen. But she is clearly an angel compared to Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  13. Her qualifications start with spending eight years inside the White House
    No other candidate, including Donald Trump and Joe Biden, can claim experiencing eight years inside the White House. Although a debatable concept in reality, her lack of executive experience will be a nagging weakness she must overcome, especially in a rough and tumble presidential campaign. The eight year thing is also a luscious Talking Point or punchy Debate Quip.
  14. The international community will fawn over her
    Forget the clearly Anti-Trump gang in the left wing U.S. media, a presidential ticket which includes the name Obama would surely capture undying love and attention internationally. Whether or not this global lovefest would make a difference in the stateside vote tallies is unclear. But once again, the free advertising internationally couldn’t hurt.
  15. Michelle Obama is untouchable
    With racism and misogyny labels now serving as go-to, knee jerk talking points (namely from the left and rarely with validity) Michelle Obama will be protected with the armor of political correctness. When facing criticism, the forces of entrenched liberal ideology will cloak her — even if she is criticized for valid reasons. Much like a golf handicap, she would hold this wild card advantage during and post-election, much how her husband benefited during his presidency.
  16. Big Boy Bloomberg Bucks
    Although you won’t see his name on the surface, Michael Bloomberg will be funneling a big pile of money to the 2020 Democrats. In the dark, murky waters of Washington, and whether via mysterious Super Pacs, or slippery political money laundering, the dough will be there. With Michelle Obama involved, and a future cabinet position from Joe all but certain, Bloomberg will be doubly anxious to fund the war against Trump. What’s a billion bucks or two among friends? Even the Toronto Maple Leafs could win with that kind of money.
  17. She would set the table for her daughters
    Malia and Sasha Obama are the anointed Chelsea Clintons without the dirty baggage. Whether or not the kiddos Obama are destined, able, or willing to hold public office in the future, having a seismic power couple like mom and dad would open beaucoup side doors. Their bloodline alone would be a springboard to any public office they might pursue in the future –including running for president. Now there would be an Obama Trifecta!
  18. She will bring Hillary and her base into the fold
    Hillary Clinton just carries too much baggage and skeletons in her closet to be considered for Vice President in 2020. Although Michelle Obama’s presence alone might scoop the bulk of Hillary supporters, there will likely be an endorsement coming from Secretary Clinton herself — a loud and ringing endorsement, quietly paid for in some way, of course.

A final note: If elected, Joe should watch his back in the next four years!
This was supposed to be a bit of levity to a serious GregsList, but tragically it might be true. Whether anyone has bothered to notice, never mind accept, the sheer number of suspicious deaths of Democrat “enemies” is startling, if not scary. Conspiracy theories or not, an accepted “fact” inside social media and beyond is the long-trending Clinton “body count”. Whether it be Seth Rich, Philip Haney, Jeffrey Epstein, or the slew of others, I believe we are living in a real-time episode of Keiffer Sutherland’s 24. Likely, none of us will know the depth of cloak-and-dagger shenanigans, or fatal espionage going on under the radar of U.S. politics. Sadly, dark truth is often an elusive enemy of justice, and might never be unmasked. But I do pray the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, comes to light one day soon.

Lars Larson

by Greg Meakin

Part One

Conservative radio host Lars Larson stands hovering over a laptop, headset on. He doesn’t sit for a moment. Taking an on-air call from one of his listeners, he delivers conversation with passion, while continuously scanning his show’s inbound emails. He replies to an email or two, while chatting with the listener about politics. Not a wasted moment for this workaholic 59 year old.

Based in Portland Oregon, Larson is hosting a remote radio show at an outdoor equipment and tractor dealer in Longview, Washington. He looks calm, focused, and right at home. He is set up in the showroom of the business, and a score of people watch him, listen to him, and line up for a photo with him.

During commercial breaks, he keeps working. Posing for photos with fans, scooting back to the laptop to check emails, obliging autograph seekers, and answering small-talk questions from bystanders.

Having listened to his show for years, it is my first time meeting Lars personally. I am taken aback the minute I arrive. This is no ordinary radio guy. Not even close.

What radio guy wears a gun on his hip? The laid back plaid shirt and jeans, the easy demeanor on air, and a good ol’ pistol on his belt. He looks like he’d be comfortable in an old episode of Bonanza.

Lars Larson
Photo credit Lars Larson

But he ain’t Ben Cartwright. Lars Larson’s Ponderosa is his radio world, his listeners are his wranglers. As I watch him work, one clear thought comes to mind: This guy is American. Completely and utterly American.

When asked if he was enjoying his visit to the vastly Republican Longview Washington, Larson pauses for a moment, and a slight smile creeps into the conversation. “It’s nice being away from the Lib world of Portland” he quips.

Larson has his code words that give away his political leanings. Lib is liberal, or course. The Daily Fish Wrapper is the Oregonian, an historically left-leaning Portland newspaper. Chicken Noodle News is his lofty journalistic description of CNN.

But what differentiates this “right wing” radio guy from most is his open door to detractors and naysayers. Naysayers always go to the head of the line is a Larson trademark, welcoming spirited on-air debate. His First Amendment Fridays formalize his commitment to hear all points of view, especially naysayers.

He is much more patient with shrill lefty callers than I could ever be, and I have told him so in the many emails I have shared with him over the years.

In Larson’s world, the First Amendment is a priceless treasure unique to the United States of America, and he would take a bullet to protect our personal freedom.

And he wears Second Amendment on his hip!

Lars Larson is a Maslow Award winner because he has reached the mountain top of radio. He has an amazing, role model work ethic, he has reached the pinnacle of his profession, and he loves his family. He hosts his three-hour regional show daily, followed immediately by his national show of the same length. His website is

Having been born a Navy Brat in Taiwan, Larson’s family eventually settled in tiny Tillamook, Oregon. After four-plus decades of radio and television, he has been presented some 70 industry awards, including two Emmys.

So what drives this dude?

… more to come in Part Two

Copyright © 2017 by Greg Meakin

Suicide By Clicks

Why is the Mainstream Media committing seemingly intentional suicide?

By Lary CoppolaScreenshot 2018-02-16 at 11.00.49 AM

On the day this was written, CNN carried no fewer than 16 blatantly anti-Trump headlines on the opening page of its website. MSNBC had restrained itself to a modest nine, and the Huffington Post a mere four. On the other hand, the Fox News web page only had two headlines mildly critical of the President, and several of the Trump stories had companion pieces with equally benign headlines. Now no one politically aware is going to consider this “breaking news” any more than considering the stories themselves realistically unbiased. However, when viewed as the partisan echo chambers media outlets have intentionally become, they are a reflection of just how polarized we are as a nation.

The Fox News stories could be considered critical of the president, but the headlines didn’t scream hot-button prejudicially negative words like scandal, indicted, sentenced, bribe, torture, risky, red-handed, or chaotic as CNN, MSNBC and the Huffington Post all did on this particular day. And therein lies the conundrum for the consumer of today’s news. Based on such inflammatory headlines, why would you believe the media is actually telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Which also begs the question, is the President actually right about “Fake News?”

Is there really a concerted effort by the left to drive the President from office, with the mainstream media leading the charge? Exactly how tightly aligned with the Democrats and the extreme left is the mainstream news media anyway —and why? To quote an old tagline from what has always been known as a sensationalist and less than credible news source, “Inquiring minds want to know…”

The long, slow, and painful death spiral of the printed news media is reflective of the age health, and dwindling numbers of its primary readership — Baby Boomers. Like your uncle who lived to see 100, dinosaurs like the Washington Post, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle and L.A. Times are still alive – albeit with much weaker, smaller, lower paid staffs..

For the most part, the printed word has been replaced by the internet, replete with news media smartphone apps, its own cult of personalities, and the introduction of the term “infotainment” into our lexicon. It has created online superstars like Jason Zengerle, and Bill Nye the Science Guy on the extreme left, as well as Tomi Lahren and Matt Drudge on the right.

The real question though is, do any of them tell the truth? Yes — all of them, to the extent it fits their politically partisan narrative. The more ethical reporters and bloggers build their stories around a set of facts that underscore their partisan talking points, often leaving out the things that don’t. However, the less than ethical on both sides play fast and loose with facts, giving credence to Trump’s fake news charges.

Journalism 101 teaches that there are six questions every news story must answer: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How? From there, it should be up to the reader to make up his or her mind about the story being told. Journalistic ethics dictate that opinion belongs on OP/ED page – not on the front page and certainly not as a part of any news story. The reporter is supposed to be an unbiased observer, sharing unvarnished facts answering those six questions — and untainted by inflammatory terminology, personal or institutional bias. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Also taught in Journalism 101 is that every news story should have a source and corroborating source — someone who, by name, provides information on the record, and a second source, who by name, confirms what the first source said took place. However, today’s media reporters attribute way too many “facts” to that infamous “anonymous source,” that are corroborated by that “person who declined to be quoted for the record,” and/or, “spoke on the condition of anonymity.” For all we know, these people could be your favorite barista and the guy you called to unclog your toilet.

So obviously, journalistic ethics — along with honest answers to those six basic questions — have seemingly gone the way of the printed word. When was the last time you actually read a mainstream media political news story that wasn’t as much or more opinion than fact? Today perhaps?

The left, led by Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and of course, Barack Obama, are feverishly working towards brokering a seemingly peaceful surrender of America to Socialism. In concert with them is not only the media, but the educational establishment as well. They no longer teach actual history, but a revisionist version that vilifies everything that made America that shining light for people from other nations. They don’t teach, as much as indoctrinate liberal philosophy into our children, beginning in Kindergarten.

The recent student march calling for increased gun control and vilifying the NRA for the Parkland tragedy — coupled with relentless media coverage parroting that view — underscore this point. The NRA didn’t kill anyone in Parkland any more than General Motors did when an illegal immigrant drunkenly drove a Chevy into a crowd of children in California. Yet you didn’t hear anything about that from the mainstream media.

Except for right-wing online news sites, there was almost nothing in the mainstream media about the armed School Resource Officer who shot and killed 17 year-old student preparing to shoot up his classmates in Maryland just days after Parkland. And since she wasn’t a white male using an AR-15, you barely heard anything about the Persian leftist, vegan, animal rights activist woman who shot people at YouTube’s headquarters before taking her own life. Since those incidents don’t fit the left’s anti-gun, pro-illegal immigrant, Socialist narrative, they were systematically ignored. But are they any less newsworthy?

Another example of agenda-driven news coverage is the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, nearly two years ago? The media’s narrative was forced to change when new details were revealed during the trial of the shooter Omar Mateen’s wife. While the media repeatedly trumpeted the attack at the gay club as “undeniably a homophobic hate crime”, the actual facts are quite different.

Prosecutors in the case of Mateen’s wife confirm the club wasn’t his original target — it was the nearby Disney Springs shopping plaza. Mateen allegedly asked a security guard at Pulse why there were no women there when he arrived, and suspicions about him being a closet homosexual were never confirmed.

So while the media has framed the attack as an anti-gay hate crime, it’s now become apparent it was more about Islamic-style terror, which Mateen saw as an act of revenge against the U.S. While the motivation doesn’t make the mass shooting any less tragic, it’s just another example of agenda-driven media narratives wildly distorting actual facts. But have you heard this wasn’t a gay hate crime?

Meanwhile, 17-year old David Hogg has become the de-facto spokesman for the anti-NRA crowd, and has publicly — with unrelenting help from the media — called for a boycott of conservative media pundit Laura Ingraham’s Fox News sponsors. The blatant hypocrisy here is that the self-absorbed Hogg wasn’t a student at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, didn’t witness the tragedy there, and wasn’t anywhere near there when it happened. But the mainstream media won’t tell you that either, and has led you to believe the exact opposite.

Underscoring this bias further, is the fact, the left-leaning website Politico recently published a meticulously researched and fully-sourced investigative piece by Josh Meyer detailing how the Obama administration secretly sabotaged US law enforcement efforts to shut down an international drug-trafficking ring run by the terror group Hezbollah to placate Iran, and ensure the signing of the nuclear deal.

Why wasn’t this front-page news in the NY Times or Washington Post? Why wasn’t this the lead story on CNN or MSNBC? Where’s that George Soros-funded programmed outrage from the left?

Observing the standards set by Journalism 101, this scandal should have ignited a massively widespread firestorm of coverage dwarfing Watergate, and eliciting absolute fury from media pundits and editorial boards alike. But did you hear anything about this? Probably not. However, what you have heard about daily for more than a year and a half is the Russian “collusion” investigation — which in all that time has yet to uncover any actual criminal activity by Trump or his campaign.

In fact, days after the Politico story broke, neither ABC, CBS, or NBC News — who boast a collective 20 million viewers between them — nor CNN or MSNBC, had been able to find time in between harassing Trump about Russia — to report a major story about potential collusion between the former President and a terror-supporting state. Other than Fox, mainstream media outlets largely ignored this major story.

Now take that very same story and change “Obama” to “Trump” and “Iran” to “Russia” and imagine the fireworks those revelations would ignite in the mainstream media. Can’t you already hear Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, et. al. pontificating 24/7 on every TV, online and print news media outlet that Trump should be immediately arrested for treason? But since it was Obama, not a peep from the media, and certainly nothing from the Democrats.

The few outlets that did run this story typically covered it as an afterthought, with headlines like NPR’s which read, “Politico Reporter Says Obama Administration ‘Derailed’ Hezbollah Investigation.” “Derailed” doesn’t even begin to explain the depth of what actually happened. This was a 14,000-word, diligently sourced, document-heavy deep investigative piece written by a well-respected journalist at a major media outlet — one that tends to lean left — complete with all on-the-record sources as per Journalism 101.

However, if your news comes mainly from NPR, you’d never know that. Makes anyone who lived through Watergate wonder where the Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward of today’s media are hiding.

According to Politico, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) began this classified investigation into Hezbollah in 2008, learning that the Iranian proxy had laundered nearly a half a billion dollars and was moving cocaine to the U.S. The Obama administration not only road blocked investigators, but failed to prosecute any of the major players as well.

What makes what can only be described as an intentional media blackout so blatantly reprehensible is that this story is not a partisan hit piece. However, ignoring and/or diminishing intentional wrongdoing and furtively dubious dealings by Obama isn’t at all new. In fact, Obama administration officials arrogantly bragged to the NY Times Magazine how they’d purposefully created an echo chamber, banking on the ignorance, inexperience and partisanship of reporters to communicate their intentional lies to the American people.

Another example of the selective nature of the information you receive from the mainstream media disguised as “news” is the recent Facebook and Cambridge Analytica fiasco. While the media was highly indignant over Cambridge Analytica’s use of 87 million Facebook members’ personal data for Trump’s 2016 campaign, do you recall hearing anything about the Obama campaign being given the exact same kind of data directly from Facebook in 2012? Or Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg saying, “We did it because we liked him (Obama)? Of course not. Again, it doesn’t fit the liberal, anti-Trump narrative.

Facebook has also blatantly censored what content it allows, leaning heavily to the left, while its algorithms filter out most things right of center so you can’t see it – even if your friends post it.

And let’s not ignore Google, which owns YouTube. It also leans far-left, and censors the content it allows. For example, you can find all kinds of pro-Islamic videos — including beheadings, people in cages being burned alive, and handcuffed, blindfolded gays being thrown off tall buildings, as well as other equally barbaric acts. There are also literally hundreds of videos from Planned Parenthood and other liberal organizations. Meanwhile, YouTube has kicked Prager University — a conservative institution which publishes short videos rationally explaining conservative viewpoints on issues of the day — completely off the site. Facebook restricts access to Prager’s videos as well.

So how did we get to this point? The answers could lie in the response to two questions, “Why is the liberal agenda being pushed so hard by the mainstream media?and, “How has the conservative media reacted, and grown so powerful?”

The answers are simple. The extreme left wants America to drift into Socialism, is already deeply entrenched within the bureaucracy, and positioned for permanent control and political advantage when that happens — hence the term “Deep State.” Thanks to the millions of illegal immigrants they have registered to vote, they see the election process keeping them in power.

If you think there is a government elitist class now, just wait. If the left is successful it will get much worse, with ever escalating taxes rewarding that elitist governing class on the backs of the working class. That’s how Socialism has always worked — and why it eventually always fails.

The social justice movement disparages hard work and financial success, demanding that successful people share the fruits of their labors with those “less fortunate.” However, the people who have worked hard to attain that success disagree. Yet the mainstream media continues to vilify them as the evil ones — not those sponging off their hard work.

The business of news today is all about TV and radio ratings, eyeballs, and click-throughs. To get those, reporters need access to the major players, as access is the lifeblood of the news business. Obama understood that better than anyone. He did a masterful job of only granting access to those reporters from news outlets supporting his goals and shutting out all opposing voices. Hence, the echo chamber his administration bragged about creating.

The mainstream media unabashedly defends Socialism because most of its members make their living dependent upon that access and are openly encouraged to support what they may personally believe will eventually be a “fairer’ system. Obviously, they haven’t thought this all the way through to its inevitable conclusion. Socialism always collapses under the weight of supporting an ever-expanding governing class that steals the fruits of the labors of the masses, and de-incentivized workers whose highest standard of excellence atrophies into mediocracy. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher succinctly summed up why Socialism always fails — “At some point you run out of other people’s money.”

It’s no secret the liberal mindset infected the bizarre world of Hollywood long ago, while conservative actors and actresses remain in the proverbial closet for fear of not working. For all the publicity the #MeToo movement generated in the media, there’s no shortage of photos featuring the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep and even Hillary Clinton and others all cuddling up to Harvey Weinstein. You just won’t see them in the mainstream media, because once again, they contradict the narrative.

Professional sports has suffered as well by its embrace of liberal philosophy by athletes and broadcasters alike — former San Francisco 49’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick being their poster child. The media has constantly whined about him not being signed by any NFL team, insisting there is a conspiracy against him for starting the disrespectful take a knee during the National Anthem movement. However, nowhere are you hearing about his team winning only three of the last 19 games he started as quarterback. Again, that doesn’t fit the liberal narrative.

Meanwhile, former Seattle Seahawk Michael Bennett, whose leftist activities were much more vocal and visible in the media, was traded to the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. He’s playing in spite of his politics because unlike Kaepernick, he’s one of the best in the game. If anyone has a case about being discriminated against by the NFL because of his personal beliefs, it’s Tim Tebow. But again, that doesn’t fit the media narrative – nor does the fact TV ratings for the 2017-2018 NFL season were down over 19 percent and ticket sales are at their lowest levels ever. Is there any doubt as to why?

Yet, in spite of the Republicans ongoing political dysfunction, and bunker mentality, the conservative media has grown strong by becoming the primary combatant against the Socialist threat. When was the last time you heard of liberal talk radio? For example, even in ultra-liberal Seattle, two conservative talk radio stations flourish, while the lone liberal one shut down due to low ratings.

Republicans like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, John Kasich and perhaps even Paul Ryan have themselves become entrenched in the Deep State, and are openly anti-Trump. But conservative local talk radio, conservative TV networks like Fox and the One America Network (OAN), along with the online right-wing media have become the voice of the folks that elected Donald Trump to “drain the swamp.” It has also driven the rise of militant right-wing websites like The Blaze and Brietbart News, as well as the entire alt-right spectrum, turning demagogues like Milos Yiannopoulos into celebrities.

But the bottom line for all of this media hypocrisy is money…

The newspaper business model — display advertising, classifieds and subscriptions is dead and buried. The internet business model is paywalls, interactive ads, click-throughs, and tracking you online and via your smartphone. So driving eyeballs to your website or app is critical because that’s where the money is.

That’s also why inflammatory headlines abound — even for stories unrelated to politics. We’ve all seen them at the bottom of political stories with bold headlines that read, “You won’t believe what your favorite 70’s movie star looks like now.” Or, “Man buys Russian tank off eBay and finds surprise inside.” And “You should never shop on Amazon without using this trick.” People routinely click on those just like they do the anti-Trump or anti-Socialist headlines, even though they have nothing at all to do with the content of the original piece. And each click generates money…

However, much of mainstream America has grown weary of being assaulted by this constant barrage of sensationalist negativity that tracks our every move. Except for those inside the echo chambers on both sides who take partisan talking points as gospel, and adamantly refuse to think for themselves, the mainstream media has lost the trust of the majority of Americans.

Another example of exactly how combative the mainstream media has become towards Trump, the NY Times refuses to list the book, “Killing the Deep State” by Jerome Corsi, on its Best Seller list — in spite of the fact it has outsold everything else on it. Corsi is the New York Times bestselling author of The Obama Nation, The Late Great USA, and Unfit for Command — not exactly a “deplorable.” In the book, he pulls the veil off the Deep State and the powerful agencies behind it — the FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, and the Federal Reserve. Yet the Times whined that as long as Trump’s picture is on the book jacket, they’ll refuse to list it. Are they really being that petty, or are they afraid people will actually buy this book and learn that Trump has been right about the Deep State all along — disproving the leftist narrative they’re so heavily invested in editorially?

On the other hand, Trump’s attacks on Amazon are viewed in some quarters as an attempt to send Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos — who also owns the Washington Post — a pointed message that the paper’s coverage of Trump and his administration is unfair and heavily biased.

Either way, the electronic mainstream media is slowly, and seemingly deliberately, going the way of the printed word. While the mainstream media’s audience isn’t dying off like print’s Baby Boomers, the media is slowly but steadily killing them off — one person at a time — as it commits “suicide by clicks.” The bottom line is that the American public is clearly repulsed by the continual and blatant barrage of liberal propaganda being shoved down its collective throat by the news, entertainment and sports media. And more to the point, doing that is driving their audiences away.

Think about it. Do you spend less time on Facebook and other social media now, than you did a year ago? Do you watch less TV news — and less sports — now than you used to? Why? Is it because you’re tired of your intelligence being insulted and your values being disrespected by the liberal opinion being blasted in your face 24/7 in every political “news” story? Or is it simply because pompous, self-righteous twits like David Hogg, and Bill Nye the Science Guy, as well as bloated loudmouths like Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, and even Oprah Winfrey have become so unbelievably boring by their continual spew of tired old left-wing drivel? Meanwhile Shawn Hannity and Tucker Carlson’s audiences continue to grow.

So as the mainstream media continues to censor what you see and hear, as well as sell your personal information to anyone willing to pay, how much less time will you be spending there a year from now?

Inquiring minds want to know…