Jim Jerome

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“Jungle” Jim Jerome, a Canadian comedian and sports radio dude, is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever known. I was thrilled to meet Jim in 2004, during a Wayne Gretzky hockey camp dinner. Wayne invites Jerome to do his schtick, and bring the house down, during these annual hockey camp events.

My secret from the inside about Jungle Jim, is he is true student of his craft. He has researched and digested insider knowledge of The Art of Comedy throughout his career, and applies his “PHD of Funny” to his comedy gigs, radio shows and public appearances.

During the dinner, Jim got on the mic and worked the room, to every table. He wanted to give all 70 hockey campers a greeting…and a diss. I was sitting with Deborah that night (I later found out Jerome memorized us using the visual of my “Little gold glasses, blonde wife”).

Sticking the mic in my face, Jerome asked me if the Gretzky camp was a memorable experience. I quipped that it was a close second to my Wedding Day. Jim took a step back, and ranted “That is bullshit, pal! Bullshit. I’ve never seen any guy walk out of the church, cheering wildly — I’m married! I’m married!”

He brought the house down with that one. Really funny guy.

And he’s been buddies with Gretzky for decades. After Jerome finished his hilarious rounds with the guests, Gretzky returned to the podium. “That was Jim Jerome. I think that’s the sixth time Jim has entertained us here at the camp…and hopefully it was his last.”

I love Canadian humour.

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