Secrets from the Inside is a brand and franchise I founded in 1989. I can’t believe it’s been almost thirty years! Having been an author and car guy all my life, I left the grueling 1980s car business, and launched a new mission to help people buy cars, save money, and have fun. Yes, you heard that right – fun!

I provided thousands of happy readers and clients the inside scoop of car buying, and often did it for them. I have never seen as many frightened or confused people as those shopping for cars. I loved helping them – and they loved the savings of time, money, and hassle.

I offered a how-to book, a hands-on workbook, a real-time hot line, and even a car buying service – two decades before most people even knew what a car buying service was!

From the beginning, the Secrets from the Inside franchise was positioned to address future topics, much like the How-To For Dummies series. From real estate to car insurance to funeral arrangements, people crave the inside scoop. The reality from an insider. Secrets from the inside.

At the time, especially before today’s mind-boggling technology, there were myriad areas of life where people craved inside information, quick answers, instruction, and even to do it for them. Boomers and seniors did a lot of walking through the Yellow Pages back then!

After a few years, being a stressed-out new father of twin boys, I returned to the auto industry in Seattle for financial security, and family reasons. Nothing against entrepreneurship, but it tends to be a roller coaster, stressful world, to say the least! With three active little boys at home, I routinely hit the ceiling while trying to work.

But to come full circle, after almost thirty years since publishing the original Secrets from the Inside book, and now crowding sixty years old, I have decided to retire from the auto industry, take time for my family, and go back to pursuing my own interests.

I am thrilled to re-introduce my Secrets from the Inside brand, starting with this online magazine to stir things up!

The internet has changed the world since those ancient days of the ’80s and ’90s, of course. Information floods into us constantly, and we can find anything in 2018 with just the click of a mouse. And I mean, anything. It’s scary.

I would have expected, with instant access to everything under the sun, that things would have changed from a consumer knowledge standpoint.

But lo and behold, nothing has changed under the sun! I am amazed with how much garbage information is out there, and how many people are still completely confused about so many things, from politics to pencils to prices.

Fake News is a reality not a catch-phrase, and almost all information needs to be dissected. And then dissected again. And with so much information instantly available, I can’t believe how consumers today are still taken to the cleaners. More than you’d think, but more about those inside secrets another time.

Today’s headlines often ignore good news, patriotism, and rarely touch on the stories and people you will meet, or be introduced to, in this magazine.

Secrets from the Inside is not designed to change the world, or even compete with any other publication or news source out there. It is here to inform you, educate you, entertain you, and introduce you to amazing, often overlooked people, some famous some not, past and present. And yes, even provoke you…especially in the POLITICS section!

You will read new news, learn about new people, and learn a bunch of new things if you follow this magazine. Guaranteed.



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