Ground Rules

Ground Rules for Secrets from the Inside eMagazine.

  1. No profanity, period.
  2. Literacy highly preferred, but not mandatory. I plan on having Millennials participate, so we’ll just have to teach them that ROFLMAO is not a sentence.
  3. Please bring solutions and ideas to the party, and not just whining and finger-pointing.
  4. This is an eMagazine that was founded in a Libertarian spirit. More about that another secret time.
  5. I priced my Secret Membership product at $5.00 per month, or $50 per year. (My little Millennial I.T. and eCommerce guru kid is pissed at me for pricing an eMag so cheap — with this amount of fun and intellectual pages inside). I will leave it at that for now, so that I can get to number 6.
  6. The main reasons I priced my product at a no-nonsense $5.00 per month is a Secret. I will say, though, that the strategy is:   At five bucks a month, for four weekly issues, if it ain’t worth it to you, I don’t want you as a reader. And soon I’ll tell you the story about my late grandmother, Nana, and how she helped in my pricing strategy.
  7. Ok. Number 7. Stupid people will be banned.
  8. Scammers, spammers, and stupid trolls will be banned, deleted, blocked, and worse — even ridiculed upon departure. Just like Hell’s Kitchen. Truth is — a Secret actually — if you are a disrupter, troll, or eBully, there are loser blogs out there that will have you. Just not this one.
  9.  I don’t want reader complaints. I want reader input, suggestions, solutions, ways to learn and improve, — but not any negative nonsense.  The eMagazine will be a fluid work-in-progress — and fun — for the first month or so.
  1. $5.00 is throw-away money. What, less than half a pack of smokes in Canada? Or a gallon of gas, eh?

    So, even if Secrets from the Inside is complete garbage, so what? My Early-Bird Secret Members can try to put up with four Secret issues in the first month, cancel, and then go anywhere else on the internet for blogs, news feeds, their porno — and the most it could cost them is five bucks?

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