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I don’t write many book reviews these days, but I had to make an exception here. Janel Lamb’s new book is delightful, and is packed with real-life struggles and valuable Lessons for Life.

Lamb, a busy mom of five grown kids (and six if you count her husband!) makes it very easy for the reader. This book is a quick, smooth read and it does not self-indulge, as many memoirs tend to do. It is about Janel of course, her obstacles and victories – but it is as much about you, the reader. You, the person who has endured your lifetime of struggles and heartbreak. You, the mom who is trying to make sense of a crazy and often grotesque and evil world. You, the oft-neglected or dismissed voice of truth and justice.

As I mentioned during a recent radio interview, I felt like I was sitting around the kitchen table with Janel Lamb for a few hours, just chatting. After finishing the book, I felt I had been side-by-side with her for thirty years of life’s ups and downs – BIG ups and downs. I felt like a fascinated fly on the wall, witnessing first-hand what so many of us humans have faced, endured, and overcome in life.

The Introduction holds the key to the book, and perhaps a key to Mrs. Lamb’s heart:

“So this is my playbook of what I’ve learned so far and how I learned it. I hope it brings some value to you as you are writing the playbook for your life. I hope to read yours some day”.

I cannot remember a book where the author encouraged the everyday reader to write their own book…and looked forward to reading it herself! To me, this was the ultimate testimony of a life of service to God, and service to her family and fellow humans. Janel Lamb candidly shares her life’s toil and joy, with not only a desire to teach others, but also a burning desire to see the reader learn and grow.

There are fourteen quick chapters, and not one is boring. Chapter titles include, There is No Finish Line, Haters Gonna Hate, The Social Media MInefield, The Dark Cloud, and What Did I Do to Deserve This? Each chapter delivers memorable stories and thoughts from the author.

Janel Lamb lives by timeless expressions:
    Failure is success in progress”
    “Those that
mind don’t matter, and those that matter don’t mind”
    “Burning the boat”
    “Higher levels mean higher devils”     

“Life is short. It’s also very long”.

There are so many other timeless expressions and nuances throughout the book, the reader could jump to any single page and learn one or two on the spot. The book is compact and each chapter is stand-alone, entertaining unto itself. For that reason it is perfect to carry in a purse or briefcase, or to refer to while on the run, or when a free moment arises.

I loved the story about the magical White House Christmas Party, complete with a handful of “cookies-to-go!”. I was in shock hearing Janel detail the social media nightmare she and her husband endured during and after his political campaign victory –  including a true stalker, and myriad crazy critics and Groupies.

I felt pain and anguish hearing about her brutal sciatic (piriformis) condition which lasted six months until treatment brought relief. I enjoyed her mindset of ROI, return on investment, when tackling tasks or challenges that seemed fruitless or without remuneration.

The core demographic reader will likely be moms – indeed, this is a Must-Read for busy moms everywhere! However, I see this as a book for everyone, of any age, who are trying to balance daily life and career – or just deal with the insanity of today’s secular and rapaciously immoral world.

Clearly, Janel Lamb loves God, loves her family, and loves her freedom. It’s really that simple, and the message shines throughout her book.

I came away feeling refreshed, and motivated to pursue my own playbook in life. 

And you will too.

Greg Meakin is a retired Seattle businessman, author and publisher now living in Arizona. His recent book, WHY I CAME TO AMERICA…and what I think now, is only available through his personal website, He can be reached by email at

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  1. Thanks so much to Janel Lamb — she loved this review and did a wonderful interview with me and Val Olson News.

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