FedEx Could Deliver the Next Election

Federal Express could deliver the next US election and beyond. I’ll share that secret in a minute.

No matter what transpires in the 2020 election circus come January 20th, one thing is clear: Our election counting process is stupid. As a Facebook meme articulated, American Idol could count 150 million votes during a commercial break. At this writing, there are counties in the US that are still counting November 3rd votes for the first time! Seriously?

American elections are weird. I have followed them closely for decades, and it seems every day I learn something new about this Electoral College thingy, and how differently each state counts and determines winners. It starts in Dixville Notch in New Hampshire, where five people start the US election with their votes, and they write them on a blackboard. It’s quaint.

The quaintness can stay, but the voter registration and counting process needs to change if we are to avoid election insanity in the future. As the cliche goes, our democracy seems to be at risk every four years. Starting with Gore v. Bush in 2000, and now Trump v. World, immediate, wholesale change is needed in US elections. It’s simple: Right now, we have no idea how to register and count votes.

It’s stunning, actually. To this minute, nobody knows the exact vote count from the 2020 election. No idea. Can you imagine a private corporation that has no idea its actual revenues for months on end?

Any smart company or sports team knows that sometimes you must start from scratch and rebuild completely, not simply patch holes. It is now time to scrap the US Election vote counting system and process completely — from the ground up.

When pondering this in my Libertarian/Originalist mind, my first thought was the need to preserve both the Electoral College, and the uniqueness of state and county elections around the country.


Blueprint for election reform

1. Form a working partnership with Federal Express

For this model, I’m using FedEx simply because they are the best at what they do. Arguments could be made for competing bids, but either way a private company of impeccable reputation should be contracted by the US Government to deliver elections.

2. FedEx maintains a real-time voter registration database, including Absentee ballots
This list can be secure and intact days or weeks prior to the election. The list can be categorized by state, reflect a detailed, time-stamped registration, and track Electoral progress real-time on Election Day. Remember, a company like FedEx does this every day, and tracks stuff to the millisecond. They could provide firewall security of the list, the count, and demographic details about the voter roles that would put today’s dinosaur system to shame.

3. FedEx locations are already in place
In order to preserve the in-person, Election Day voting ritual, a voter may simply show up at any FedEx location (and certainly traditional local destinations could stay in play), present valid ID to match the registration database…and vote. You receive an instant confirmation and tracking number for your vote. Simple.

4. Home delivery and pickup of votes
This is a game changer. Picture this. An elderly person cannot, or chooses not to vote in person. FedEx home delivers the ballot, and arranges a pick-up time. All date-stamped and tracked. This is what Federal Express does every day, and they do it really, really well. 

5. All Votes are tabulated on Election Night, and all winners are declared
This is easier than it might sound. FedEx could click one button and determine the results. It is time to bring back Deadlines into our lives, and this is a great place to start. In this model, all votes must be in by say, 8:00pm Election Night. Every one. No others will be counted. Registered Absentee voters may submit their ballot ONLINE, via a secure process. Many states already do this. There is no voter who would be unable to register to vote with this online ballot capability, as well as the multiple convenience options offered by FedEx.

6. Freeze all Federal Election Spending
Libertarians and fiscal conservatives will love this. Freeze ALL federal funds, and eliminate virtually all election-dedicated positions immediately. If needed in the future, these employees could be re-hired. You now have a big bucket of election monies that could remunerate the private contractor. I betcha the taxpayer monies devoted to elections would plunge. The entire budget of the election could be pre-planned and reduced drastically from previous years.

7. Cheaters could not win

Most Americans no longer believe in the integrity of our elections, and for good reason. This FedEx model would ensure cheaters can’t win. FedEx is too smart, and our elections leaders will work in concert with FedEx, in pursuit of election security and voter confidence. Lawsuits could be managed and assumed by the government. Indemnity of liability could be arranged to protect FedEx from unwarranted legal battles, and the crazy delays and costs involved. The federal government could assume all time and legal expenses, and settle or dismiss accordingly.

8. Declare a National Election Day Holiday for all citizens
There should be no more excuses, or confusion related to election day. If everyone is off work, and everyone can register to vote online or in person, there should be no disenfranchisement of voters. Only cheaters and ineligible voters would lose out. 

Copyright © 2020 by Greg Meakin

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