10 Reasons You Ain’t No Donald Trump

As a 1970s Trudeau Liberal in Montreal, and now a voting Republican in the States, I enjoy sharing my point of view. I’m not concerned how these views are received from any side of the aisle, or any school of ideology for that matter. 

I was astonished with the results of the 2016 election. Actually, scratch that. I was astonished that the GregsList I wrote in July 2015 (Donald Trump would be elected President) was coming to be. I watched it unfold on Election Night, my jaw dropping early and often. To me, It was akin to a moon landing — it was that surreal. My Democrat buddies freaked of course, and did not accept the election results, to this day.

History will record the fallout from the election of Donald Trump as an unprecedented game changer, and not the way many of today’s experts would surely predict. In my life, including the turbulent 1960s Quebec, the LA Riots and Rodney King race wars, and other societal tragedies, never have I seen such a chasm of division, and rabid uncontrolled rage, as I have watched unfold since the election. The anger coming from the left, and yes, the mainstream media, is something I have never witnessed. I’ll leave it at that for now.

As most of my readers know, I’ve been following Donald Trump’s career since the early 80s. I was not a Trump fan by any means, I didn’t like his confrontational style and braggadocio, but I was fascinated by his quantifiable career success, his outlandish controversies, and his daily approach to American business.  

Thanks to our founding fathers, and those who have protected our freedoms through the years, virtually anyone is permitted to criticize the president. And, thanks to social media, critics have a public platform. Whether you have multiple college degrees, or live in your mother’s basement, you can speak freely, and criticize endlessly. 

What’s amazing is you don’t even need skin-in-the-game to be a critic. I have noticed a huge number of critics of the president don’t vote, aren’t allowed to vote, or don’t live in the US. They just talk. They are just critics.

For you true Trump Haters who virtue signal your superiority to him, or personal disdain for him, I put together a quick GregsList of why…you ain’t no Donald Trump. 

1. He works twenty hours a day
If you work less than 20 hours a day, or don’t work at all, you ain’t no Donald Trump.

2. He has donated 100% of his salary
I love hearing people say he can afford it. Many politicians are independently wealthy, so why don’t they donate their salary too? If you don’t donate your entire paycheck, or a portion of your paycheck to your government…you ain’t no Donald Trump.

3. He is abstinent, as is his family
If you have ever had a drink, or ever had a cigarette…you ain’t no Donald Trump.
(I’m still amazed with his abstinence and discipline).

4. He is a billionaire
So what if it’s 3 Bil, 5 Bil, whatever. If you’re not a billionaire…you ain’t no Donald Trump. 

5. He became President of the United States
And you didn’t.

6. He has the gift of Daily Reset and Compartmentalizing
This is rare. No matter what has happened the day before, he wakes up, resets, and tackles the day fresh. If you don’t do this…you ain’t no Donald Trump.

7. He’s a really smart businessman
If you actually debate this, you are delusional…and you ain’t no Donald Trump.

8. His brand is the most well-known in the world today

If your name is not a household word…you ain’t no Donald Trump.

9. He has a genuine and affable side
Ask anyone who has actually met him, like the queen. 

10. He fights back and never quits
In this category, believe me…you ain’t no Donald Trump!
(Any other human being would have folded like a cheap suit rather than fight off the daily attacks coming from the left).


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