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In July 2015 I published my first GregsList, guaranteeing a Trump White House. There were still 17 Republicans flopping around in the race, and Hillary Clinton was coasting to the Democratic nomination. If I remember, HIllary was running against a couple of broken hockey sticks.

I took more heat than a raging tire fire for that GregsList. “Donald Trump cannot win, Stupid!”, said the smart people. Oddly, I heard crickets when he was actually elected, and many Unfriended me on Facebook!

Donald Trump will win the 2020 election. And though I would love to air the laundry list of why Joe Biden sucks as a candidate, this is not the place. (I have been anxious to introduce the name “Joey Fingers” in a satire essay, but maybe another time).

NOTE FROM GREG: The recent U.S. Post Office controversy will likely be a delaying tactic/excuse for election day results. Don’t be surprised if there is no declared winner for days, and possibly weeks. Rest assured whatever “bad” happens on election day with mass mail-in ballots, Democrats will blame the president. They already have blamed him, and the election hasn’t even happened!

GregsList Election 2020

1.  Defund the police is the most stupidest idea ever
Seriously? Reduce or remove police from our streets? Near the top of the Democrat platform? As mentioned above, America is all about law and order, and defunding the police ignites violence and crime. Who in the world is stupid enough to believe less police will not produce skyrocketing crime, especially in our big cities. Tragically and sadly, our collective hearts break watching the senseless death and beatings occur on a daily basis.
2.  Incumbents win
In the country’s history, only ten sitting presidents failed to be reelected. Incumbents win in US presidential politics, with few exceptions. In years gone by, I was surprised with the reelection of incumbents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Cilnton — especially with the level of controversy during their respective first terms. Incumbents win. Trump will win.

3.  Covid was a Mulligan for Trump
The president will not lose the election due to Covid, as tragic as this health crisis has been. He gets a Mulligan from me, due to the endless unknowns. He took fury from the left for his handling of the pandemic, and might lose some votes as a result, but it won’t determine the 2020 election. As with all the other goofy stuff of which they blamed the president — Russia collusion, Ukraine nonsense, Impeachment scam, Covid hype, Bounties — not one was valid. And coincidentally, all the phony flames were lit and furiously fanned by the Democrats and the media. Most Americans will see right through it. When it comes to Covid, Trump holds all the cards, especially when it comes to the early going. When he banned China flights January 31st, he was a laughing stock on the left, and labeled an immigrant-hater by Chuck Shumer and company. For all of our leaders around the country — from mayors, to governors, and yes, even presidents — I officially grant them a tragic Mulligan, to use the golf analogy. Nobody, repeat nobody, knew the future of this virus in the early going, and to this day, really. Say what you will about science, all Covid predictions have been guesses — and mostly inaccurate guesses for that matter. The next time a pandemic parachutes upon us again, is when the scoring will not include any Mulligans. Hopefully, we will all know more next time. 

4.  The polls were wrong. Again.
I predict the Democrat nominee will be leading most polls on election day, or close. I remember the final polling last time had Hillary Clinton enjoying a 90%-plus chance of winning, right up to election night. The “experts” will be dead wrong again. The president’s victory in 2020 will actually be stronger than his previous win — more electoral votes, and yes, he will also win the coveted Popular Vote. The main reason he will win the Popular, is he will actually try this time. Campaigning, he hammered swing states in 2016, and swamped Hillary in those crucial states. This time, he will relentlessly pound New York, California, and Florida. He will take it as a personal challenge, because the Popular Vote is the only thing he hasn’t won yet. The guy became President of the United States, for goodness sake. Not much more you can accomplish as an American.   

5.  The Deplorables finally get their mic drop
I am still surprised with collective disdain coming from the left, towards anyone who was stupid enough to vote for Donald Trump. Much like the smearing and negative branding wrought upon the Tea Party not long ago, Trump supporters have been dismissed as an irredeemable basket of deplorables. A motley crew of uninformed losers. The only problem here is the Deplorables were listening, and they are anxious to vote in November. No Republican nominee in history has enjoyed the loyalty and support from his base as Donald Trump. Even as mainstream news outlets have giddily theorized his base has been steadily eroding during his term, election day will once again prove them wrong. Trump will retain 95% of his core support, if not more. He will add record numbers of women and minority voters to his base moving forward. Go ahead, laugh.   

6.  Law and order wins the day
America is a law and order country, regardless of how criminality and lawlessness are cheered on by the media, and those crazy left wing protest groups. I believe mainstream voters have closely watched the endless looting, violence, statue toppling, cop hating, flag kneeling, and other PC insanity, and they are pissed. Really pissed. For many undecideds, this will be a single-issue vote for Trump in November.

7.  BLEXIT worked
Many have never heard of Blexit. The moniker describes Black Exit of the Democratic Party, and was founded by black conservatives Candice Owens and Brandon Tatum. Hillary Clinton won 88% of black vote in 2016, and Barack Obama 93%. The 2020 Democrat candidate will easily win the majority of black voters again, however the surprise du jour will be Trump winning a record number of 20% or more. Republicans have hovered around 8 or 9 percent for decades, with Gerald Ford hitting the high mark of 15% in his 1976 loss to Jimmy Carter. Until 2020, that is. Left wing pundits will fall off their proverbial chairs when Trump wins 20% or more of the black vote. Write it down.  

8.  Feminists have become misogynist
I continue to be flabbergasted with those in the feminist movement who are so darned mysogynist — hating conservative women, of course. Hard core feminists will explain that this is completely understandable — political positions quietly dictate whether a woman is actually accepted by a fellow woman. Consider Mrs. Trump. If the First Lady were a Democrat, she would be fawned over for her lifetime accomplishments, and would appear on every magazine cover in the world. The First Lady does not even deserve a place at the feminist table, according to Democrat voting feminists. This due to her chosen husband, and her conservative political beliefs. Thus, misogyny is alive and well in the US. The big surprise will be the record number of women voters for Trump in 2020. There is a huge voting block of insulted conservative women who realize they are blackballed by the mainstream media, politicians, and yes, feminists.

9.  Cops, military, first responders save the day
As I have written so many times, I love our cops, military, and first responders, and am friends with a bunch of them. Because they actually toil in the muck and blood daily, I value their personal opinions about presidential leadership. Polls are all over the place, but safe to say, two thirds or more of this group will vote for President Trump, and that’s good enough for me. When the numbers are tallied in November, I believe Trump will receive a record number of votes from the military/law enforcement demographic. And once again, this is good enough for me.

10.  2020 Democrats ran a loser campaign
“Hate Trump” is not an electable message. Playing not to lose never wins. The negativity, whining, and blatant obstruction during the past four years has not helped the image of the Democrat Party, and clearly galvanized the president’s base of support. The Democrats did not produce an electable candidate, or an electable message. In politics, sometimes negative messaging or opponent dissing actually works, but not often. Candidates, especially for president, are most successful when they promote a positive message to prospective voters. Think Reagan’s Patriotism, Bill Clinton’s New Democrat brand, Obama’s Hope and Change, Trump’s Make America Great Again tagline. Voters respond to positive, upbeat leaders, and a positive, doable Platform. 2020 will unveil the Democrats to be the out-of-touch Trump Haters they are. Republicans have been losers too. They suffered through unelectable, boring candidates with Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney for goodness sake. The Democrats will have a hard time even in 2024 if they are unable to sell a doable Platform, and bring an electable, energetic candidate to the podium.  
Copyright 2020 by Greg Meakin


Greg Meakin is Seattle author and businessman who was raised in Montreal. He has been writing for over forty years. His first newspaper assignment was in 1978, covering Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau. He now publishes an eMagazine   https://secretsfromtheinside.com/, and he has a new book coming out before the election. Visit his personal site http://www.gregmeakin.com/.

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