Munchausen Syndrome and 2020 Democrats

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is Alive and Well with 2020 Democrats.

A mother who smothers her baby, and revives it at the last minute, likely suffers from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. It is a heartbreaking mental illness where the perpetrator desperately seeks attention, or has a psychotic need to be viewed as a hero or savior. They invent or create illness, or actually impose life threatening actions against an innocent victim (often infants and the elderly) in order to glorify themselves. Victims often die. Sadly, this mental illness is usually found among trusted caregivers and mothers.

There is much about the subject on the internet, including a new acronym, FDIA (Facticious Disorder Imposed by Another). I use it here simply as an edgy example of the endless hysteria I have heard coming from Democrat leadership in the past four years.

The key to Munchausen by proxy is that the tragedy, or related hysteria, is manufactured. We’ve heard ad nauseam about the “Trump Tragedies”: the Russia Collusion frame-up, Ukraine Impeachment nonsense, Covid-19 mass panic, police hunting innocent black men, and the rest. These crises have one common theme; the firestorm and national panic were all sparked by Democrats — and wildly fueled by their accomplices in the mainstream media. To this day, I have a friend who believes Donald Trump is a Russian Agent. To this day, I have friends who believe eliminating the police will result in less crime.

You see? According to the left, all these tragedies can be solved instantly by ridding the White House of the bad Orange Man. And the only ones who can save the day are the Pelosi-Shumer Democrats. All we need is a Democrat president and we will all be saved. How about, uh, Joe Biden. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Munchausen is my only explanation for the apparent willingness to allow our country to culturally implode, and our cities to literally burn. I am dumbfounded watching Democrat mayors ordering stand-down orders to police and allowing violence, rioting and looting against the city and its law abiding citizens. I will never understand it.

To those who truly believe all will be cured by a Democrat, I honestly worry about your mental health should Donald J. Trump be reelected. I really do.

And most concerning to me? Should the president be reelected, should we expect four more years of “smothering the baby”?

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