Rationing Police Assistance

Rationing Fire Calls

Rationing EMS Services

This is where we have come as a nation, officially starting with the ignorant Defund the Police movement. Rationing (familiar to the WWII generation, and those living in socialist countries) has arrived to the shores of America, and threatens to become a permanent resident if we don’t watch out.

I speculate that more 911 calls will go unserved, unfunded, or ignored in 2020 than any year prior to the life-saving service being introduced. Many witnessed the stupid CHAZ/CHOP experiment unraveling during its month of peace and joy in Seattle. Citizens were beaten and shot when they were unable to receive police protection. Citizens died because they did not receive any medical help by EMS. Buildings burned because fire services had no access.

This is socialism. This is rationing. Whenever citizens are denied reasonable access to essential services or commodities, it’s rationing. If a mayor or governor denies citizens these services due to a stand-down order, or reducing the available people to deliver the services, they are imposing rationing.

Let not this become the norm in the United States. We are not Venezuela. We are free. We don’t ration. And thankfully, we have the talent pool and funding in this country where we don’t have to.

And this is where leaders need to step up — for the people.

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