18 Reasons Michelle Obama Will be the VP Candidate

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Michelle Obama
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  1. BOGO big-time with Barack
    As Hillary declared when she ran in 2016, the voter would get two for one, with Bill Clinton by her side. Forget Walmart, an Obama Part Deux on the 2020 ticket will be the biggest Buy-One-Get-One free sale of the century!
  2. Mrs. Obama would “reluctantly” accept
    Forget what you’ve heard blabbered on Twitter, the former first lady will accept the proposal to run for Vice President this November, despite being a reluctant bride. Regardless of reasons to decline — including experiencing the battlefield horror of Washington DC first-hand — Michelle Obama is a class act, and a patriotic American. If asked by Biden (and especially if it is the only way to show Donald Trump the door) she would accept the VP nomination as her civic duty. Duty to country is still a powerful motivator, despite the myriad reasons to decline; whether family privacy, endless attacks, or other concerns. My grandfather was reluctant to fight Hitler for five years in Europe, but he did it anyway.
  3. She would be the first black (and female) Vice President
    Whoever becomes the first black VP in the future will make history, and Michelle Obama could be the one. In addition to being black, being a woman is an added bonus to the wheel of fortune of Democrat politics —  a double whammy right to Pennsylvania Avenue.
  4. She could easily be the first woman President
    I believe the Presidential Glass Ceiling will finally break in 2024. Could be Michelle Obama, Nikki Haley, Amy Klobuchar, Ivanka Trump, who knows. Couple this with said 2024 president appointing a woman vice president (or a black male for that matter) and you would have serious history brewing here!
  5. The Race Card wins Democratic votes
    Despite the raw historical truth that Democrats held slaves and Republicans freed them, in recent decades the Democrat Party has won the branding game of Protector of Blacks. They win roughly 90% of black voters, but my prediction is Donald Trump will win more than 20% this time around. The math gives the nod to a second term for the Orange Man — but when MIchelle Obama runs alongside Joe Biden, all bets would be off.
  6. The drooling media covets Michelle Obama, and will passionately promote her
    Forget a coup d’etat. This would be a giant Cooo d’Etat. The mainstream media’s cooing will be endless. The collective wagon circling will be a tornado of partisanship. But that also means free advertising courtesy of the cheerleading press. Trump had the last laugh in 2016, when he capitalized on a billion dollars worth of free “advertising” through the often unwitting mics of the media, and the pens of the scribes. As I wrote in 2015, you just gotta cover the guy. He’s nuts! He then executes his business plan by pounding home his high octane brand, and the punchy media-message du jour, into said mics. Trump is winning winning winning the media attention race, and has been since the 1980s, really. Until another Obama runs for office, perhaps?
  7. A President Biden might die or resign mid-term
    I personally like Joe Biden, and I hear he’s a nice guy. Problem is he is an ancient relic at 77, and the stress and physical toll of being president is well documented. Relic is not an unfair label, either. He has already declared himself a one term president due to age. This bodes double-well for his VP, who would receive the Biden baton in 2024. And ironically, as a possible incumbent.
  8. She will spark passion, sans Bernie in the race
    I haven’t seen anything as fractured as the Democratic Primary since watching Evel Knievel in the 1970s. At this writing, the Dems have a real can of worms with the Anti-Everything Socialist Bernie. Love him, hate him, or anything in between, this guy is a hot potato. Sanders has a secret weapon that has marched him this far in his political career: Passion. He wears his deep and vocal passion for his mission on his sleeve, which transfers kinetically to his rabid supporters. Michelle Obama will bring a renewed passion to the 2020 Democrat ticket — especially if Sanders bows out gracefully soon, or he’s able to be quietly bought-off again.
  9. Trump can be beaten in November
    Nothing in life is a sure thing. Just ask Hillary, or Jeb Bush donors in 2016. I believe the Democrats could actually win back the White House in November. I don’t for a minute think they will, but they can, and I believe Michelle Obama on the ticket would be the difference. As cliche as it might sound, the challenge is creating party unity. To have any shot at victory in November, all Democrats must team up immediately behind the presumptive nominee, Joe Biden. This is often the brutal rub with any party’s unity — too little, too late. If Senator Sanders would voluntarily withdraw from the race immediately, and passionately endorse Joe Biden, the national election might actually sway away from Trump by sheer numbers. This feat would be impossible if Sanders, Warren, and other democrat socialists stick to their ideological guns and continue to scrap with Biden. Any early Sanders partnership would likely require key tweaks to the national platform in order to appease him, and his base. I will address those tweaks needed in another GregsList. But couple a newly energized Democrat Party, with the worldwide media jumping on the bandwagon, and you would have a very stout ticket indeed.
  10. She will bring women and blacks back to Democrat Party in droves
    This is Yuge. Whoever sits atop the Democrat Presidential Ticket in 2020, Donald Trump will win historical vote totals from women and minorities. My prediction is 20%-plus of the black vote alone will vote Republican, which itself might reelect him. The only shot at dipping into Trump’s record numbers would be a drastic punch to the face. In this case, having Michelle Obama on the team, and the national synergy it would create.
  11. She balances out the elephant in the room
    It’s flat undeniable, even to loyal Joe Biden supporters. He’s old, absent minded, gaff prone to no end, and has been touchy-feely in yes, a creepy way. Republicans already have endless, cringeworthy material for Trump reelection TV commercials, no matter the VP choice by the Democrats. But Michelle Obama, with her husband on her arm, could very well offset much of the dissing coming Joe’s way. Would it be enough to teeter the totter come election day, who knows, but it would be the only way.
  12. She has been vetted
    No matter the decade-plus trashing from the right and from social media trolls, Mrs. Obama has been vetted, to the degree that no fatal political skeletons have been uncovered. Unlike Hillary Clinton, she has not committed criminal or treasonous acts against her country. Whether or not she could survive a thumping Round Two of vetting and attacks from the right remains to be seen. But she is clearly an angel compared to Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  13. Her qualifications start with spending eight years inside the White House
    No other candidate, including Donald Trump and Joe Biden, can claim experiencing eight years inside the White House. Although a debatable concept in reality, her lack of executive experience will be a nagging weakness she must overcome, especially in a rough and tumble presidential campaign. The eight year thing is also a luscious Talking Point or punchy Debate Quip.
  14. The international community will fawn over her
    Forget the clearly Anti-Trump gang in the left wing U.S. media, a presidential ticket which includes the name Obama would surely capture undying love and attention internationally. Whether or not this global lovefest would make a difference in the stateside vote tallies is unclear. But once again, the free advertising internationally couldn’t hurt.
  15. Michelle Obama is untouchable
    With racism and misogyny labels now serving as go-to, knee jerk talking points (namely from the left and rarely with validity) Michelle Obama will be protected with the armor of political correctness. When facing criticism, the forces of entrenched liberal ideology will cloak her — even if she is criticized for valid reasons. Much like a golf handicap, she would hold this wild card advantage during and post-election, much how her husband benefited during his presidency.
  16. Big Boy Bloomberg Bucks
    Although you won’t see his name on the surface, Michael Bloomberg will be funneling a big pile of money to the 2020 Democrats. In the dark, murky waters of Washington, and whether via mysterious Super Pacs, or slippery political money laundering, the dough will be there. With Michelle Obama involved, and a future cabinet position from Joe all but certain, Bloomberg will be doubly anxious to fund the war against Trump. What’s a billion bucks or two among friends? Even the Toronto Maple Leafs could win with that kind of money.
  17. She would set the table for her daughters
    Malia and Sasha Obama are the anointed Chelsea Clintons without the dirty baggage. Whether or not the kiddos Obama are destined, able, or willing to hold public office in the future, having a seismic power couple like mom and dad would open beaucoup side doors. Their bloodline alone would be a springboard to any public office they might pursue in the future –including running for president. Now there would be an Obama Trifecta!
  18. She will bring Hillary and her base into the fold
    Hillary Clinton just carries too much baggage and skeletons in her closet to be considered for Vice President in 2020. Although Michelle Obama’s presence alone might scoop the bulk of Hillary supporters, there will likely be an endorsement coming from Secretary Clinton herself — a loud and ringing endorsement, quietly paid for in some way, of course.

A final note: If elected, Joe should watch his back in the next four years!
This was supposed to be a bit of levity to a serious GregsList, but tragically it might be true. Whether anyone has bothered to notice, never mind accept, the sheer number of suspicious deaths of Democrat “enemies” is startling, if not scary. Conspiracy theories or not, an accepted “fact” inside social media and beyond is the long-trending Clinton “body count”. Whether it be Seth Rich, Philip Haney, Jeffrey Epstein, or the slew of others, I believe we are living in a real-time episode of Keiffer Sutherland’s 24. Likely, none of us will know the depth of cloak-and-dagger shenanigans, or fatal espionage going on under the radar of U.S. politics. Sadly, dark truth is often an elusive enemy of justice, and might never be unmasked. But I do pray the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, comes to light one day soon.

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