by Kevin D. Dunn

“One man’s attitudes, feelings, and experiences of fatherhood & becoming an old kid!!!”

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When I heard my old friend, Kevin Dunn, had published a book about family and fatherhood, I could have jumped for joy. I have known Kevin for decades, and he is a one-in-a-million guy – as a co-worker, a friend, and as a husband and father. We worked together as finance managers in the auto business for years, and indeed became fast friends to this day.

My joy for Kevin here, is for two main reasons:

One, my friend has a highly ambitious, entrepreneurial spirit. He is one of the hardest working and dedicated guys I’ve ever known. To publish a book is a true milestone for any ambitious person, and I was so happy to hear he had accomplished just that.   

Second, he’s one of the most amazing fathers I’ve encountered. He clearly took this book as an opportunity – a golden opportunity to finally lift three decades of marriage and chasing kids off his chest!  

But perhaps most importantly to the reader, Kevin Dunn doesn’t just tell fabulous fatherhood stories (which he does at every turn). He also provides reflection, insight, valuable lessons, and inspiration along the way.

Any new father (or old one for that matter!) needs to read this book.

Not only does Dunn tells endless, entertaining stories about everything from changing diapers to dealing with unruly teenagers, he goes a step further than most anecdotal memoirs. He reflects on each instance, relays his innermost feelings and emotions to the reader – and then offers guidance and practical solutions for dads, or would-be dads.

This is a book that could quietly sit on your coffee table. Whenever you need a break from the craziness of life, you could just pick it up, glance at a page, a chapter, an anecdote. It’s one of those books that you don’t need to plunge in cover-to-cover – you can sit back, enjoy, and remember that you’re not a bad parent after all!

What surprised me the most about Dunn’s work, is its feisty and competitive bent. Having known Kevin all these years, he is a deeply spiritual guy, and, as someone just meeting him would think, he’s pretty straight-laced. But goodness, you might see him differently when reading an account of a crazy kid jumping off his garage roof using a bed sheet parachute, which of course didn’t work. Or the college dorm boxing match where the author bloodied himself in an underdog slug fest against a fierce opponent.

The book had moments where I was glued to the pages – a dramatic, emergency C-Section with his first son, a brutal Triathalon competition where I didn’t know if the author could finish or not, and other struggles of daily life.

Although the book deals with family, and family members, it talks directly to fathers throughout. As lighthearted and inspirational as the pages can be, there is a clear message to fathers. It is a message inspiring strength, patience, understanding, and most of all, belief and hope for a vanishing breed – the traditional father.

In the exhausting, frustrating, and stressful world of fatherhood today, DAD-ITUDES breathes fresh hope. The book whispers words of encouragement to the oft-forgotten head of household in today’s scattered world.  

It whispers, “Keep going. You are awesome.”

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