Mayor Patty Lent

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Patty Lent was a two-term mayor for the City of Bremerton, Washington. Last November, in a photo-finish election, she passed the torch to a new mayor, Greg Wheeler.

I have known Patty for over fifteen years, long before she entered public office as a city mayor.  I wanted to take a moment here to thank her for the eight years she devoted so passionately to the citizens of Bremerton.

I reached out to Mayor Lent last week. During a long catch-up phone call, I welcomed her back to the private sector and invited her to be a Contributor to my new eMagazine.

She was enjoying a well-deserved sabbatical but is enthusiastic about returning,  rested and relaxed.

I look forward to Mayor Lent contributing her expertise and wisdom to the Politics section, and maybe even a few other categories of Secrets from the Inside.

I can’t wait to read Patty’s articles — I’ll bet she has a secret or two she can share.

How fun.






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