Managing the Generations

For the first time in American history, there soon will be SIX generations in the workplace. Seniors, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Millennials, Generation Z.

And goodness, depending on life expectancy, we might even have SEVEN one day soon, with the baby Alpha Generation now arriving on the scene.

While working with Toyota, I attended a fascinating workshop entitled Managing the Generations. The course broke down each Generation’s history, behavior traits, and most importantly, how managers should direct and motivate these completely different groups.

A fun example is reward. For Baby Boomers, the best reward a manager can give is recognition — a plaque, trophy, or other forms of formal kudos.

Millennials are completely different. Effective rewards for Ms are TIME to be with their friends, and the latest “fashion” of technology or gadgets. Millennials respond much less to things like bonuses and symbolic rewards. Give Millennials the afternoon off to be with friends, or the latest iPhone with the newest technology, and they will love you as a manager.

I so look forward to further discussing this fascinating subject, especially in today’s fast moving world, and in an today’s age where workplaces are so diverse.

Stay tuned to this section.

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